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Rules of the Road

  • Timed Entry for Vehicle Passes

    All vehicle admission passes are valid for the designated event date and entry time. Arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before and no later than one hour after your scheduled entry time. Entry to the Illuminated Drive will be closed one hour after final entry start time of the evening. 

    Estimated time on the actual drive is about 25 minutes. Expect a wait for processing and staging in the vehicle queue upon arrival and prior to the actual entry. 

  • Follow Designated Directions

    VIP Instructions:

    • Make sure to arrive no more than 30 minutes before OR after your scheduled time.

    • VIP entrance through Ware Rd and Ithaca Avenue.


    GA Instructions:

    • GA entrance through 29th Street and Business 83.


    Expect a wait time for processing and staging your vehicle.. We hope you enjoy the ride! Happy Holidays.

  • Enclosed Vehicles

    Due to health and safety requirements, no open-air vehicles are allowed. This includes bicycles, motorcycles, pedicabs, trailers, golf carts, horse and carriage, sleighs, reindeer, scooters, etc. Convertible tops up and doors on please.

  • Do Not Exit the Vehicle

    Do not exit your vehicle during your South Pole Illuminated Drive experience.

  • Mask Required

    Please wear a mask while you are interacting with staff during vehicle queueing.

  • Seatbelt Required

    Passenger vehicles only with a seat and seatbelt for each passenger.

  • Speed Limit
    3 MPH

    Speed limit is 3 MPH while on the Illuminate Drive route.

  • Tune In

    Tune in to 102.7 FM to immerse yourself in the Illuminated Drive. Then change dial to 103.5 FM to get the fill movie experience for shows at 6:30 and 8:30 PM, or 92.1 FM for 7:30 shows

  • No Riding In Truck Beds

    Due to health and safety requirements, guests may not ride in the bed of pickup trucks.

  • Max Vehicle Size
    27 x 12.5 ft

    Vehicles longer than 27’ are NOT permitted. Full sized school busses and shuttle busses will not be permitted.

  • 1-9 Seats & Under 20 ft = 1 Ticket

    Each vehicle admission ticket allows entry for one vehicle up to 19’ long and holding up to 9 occupants fastened inside the vehicle for the dedicated date and time slot.

  • 10+ Seats and/or 20-27 ft = 2 Tickets

    Vehicles between 20’-27’ in length and/or have a capacity of 10 or more seats will require two tickets (even if 10+ people are not present). Limos are considered oversized and will require two (2) vehicle admission passes.

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